Trump Delivered on His Promises- Nazis, White Supremacy, and the Loss of Civil Liberties

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White supremacy and hate crimes are on the rise. It is the 1950’s all over again, and no one is better for it.

Nazis and white supremacists are marching through our streets, injuring and killing people. A woman was murdered by a white supremacist in the United States of America and our president called them (the white supremacists) “very fine people”. Muslims are banned from traveling to our country, including refugees seeking asylum. We are in an other cold war, affirmative action is under attack, women’s and minority  rights are being attacked, and the list goes on…….

The 38th parallel

Conflicts with Korea and a Cold War


  1. The USA enters into a 3 year war with North Korea. The Korean war had catastrophic outcomes, with about 20% of the North Korean population dead (consisting mostly of civilians), and most cities and towns destroyed by bombings.
  2. The USA enters into a “Cold War” with Russia wherein a nuclear arms race ensues.


  1. Threats of nuclear bombs and war is flippantly tossed around by the leaders of the USA and North Korea.
  2. A cold war between the United States and North Korea ensues as a nuclear arms race escalates.


Affirmative Action or the Lack Thereof

1950’s (and early 60’s)-

  1. Anti-miscegenation laws prohibit whites and non-whites from marrying each other. Many states such as Utah prohibit a white person from marrying a non-white person until 1963.
  2. Civil rights marchers are attacked in Birmingham by police using fire hoses and dogs.
  3. Black and white protesters, who ride buses throughout the South to protest racial inequities, are attacked by the KKK.
  4. Civil rights leaders’ homes are burned and their churches bombed by racists and white supremacists.
  5. Segregation is legal- schools, public transit, bathrooms, and clubs are all segregated to prevent white and nonwhite people from mingling.
  6. Less than 3% of minorities and 6% of women are attending college.


  1. Fascists and white supremacists  kill a woman while injuring other counter protesters at a white supremacist rally, and the current president of the USA calls them “very fine people”.  
  2. Trump  blames counter protesters and anti-fascists for the murder of a woman by a white supremacist.
  3. The president of the United States calls Mexicans “rapists” and “murderers”.
  4. According to a report  there have been 1,028 acts of violence or threats in the USA perpetrated by white supremacy groups.
  5. Trump instates a travel ban targeting Muslims.
  6. The president rescinds a previous order phasing out private prisons.
  7. Trump pardons Arizona sheriff, Joe Arpaio- who was found guilty of criminal contempt after disregarding a court order in a racial-profiling case.
  8. The president of the Unites States encourages police brutality in a speech.
  9. 43% of women,  35% of Black Americans, 37% of Hispanic Americans, and 63% of Asian Americans are enrolled in college (4 year degree programs). Prior to 1970 all minorities were categorized as “black”. Naturally, the current administration wants to sue colleges for enacting Affirmative Action, attempting to repeal it in the favor of cis white men.
  10. The current administration cuts funding to public schools while increasing funding to private schools.

Women’s March 2017

Women’s Rights


  1. Abortions are illegal and deadly- approximately one million illegal abortions a year were performed in the U.S., with over a thousand women dying as a result.
  2. Women are forced out of the work force at the end of the war and into domestic roles without financial independence.


  1. Trump states that he thinks women who receive abortions  should be punished.
  2. The International Gag Order is reinstated- forcing international health organizations to choose between needed funding for health organizations from the USA or abortion education. The International Gag Order prevents US money from going to any organization that mentions or educates women on abortions. Organizations are forbidden from directing women who explicitly want an abortion to safe and legal providers. 

Trump protesters outside the White House

Blind Loyalty


  1. The Federal Loyalty Security Program is empowered- giving loyalty review boards the power to fire federal employees when “reasonable grounds” exists for the belief that they are disloyal. Evidence of disloyalty includes “sympathetic association” with communist or socialist ideals. Organizations deemed by the Attorney General to fall under such categories include the National Negro Congress.
  2. McCarthyism sweeps the USA causing civilians to be  tried and arrested for a lack of loyalty to the ideals of the USA, and suspicions of sympathy towards communists and socialists.


  1. Trump fires the Head of the FBI due to a lack of loyalty to him personally.
  2. The current president threatens to fire the head of the Department Of Justice, because he rescinded himself from an investigation involving him and the president.
  3. Trump spews xenophobic anti-Islamic rhetoric, resulting in an uptick in violence and threats to Muslim communities.
  4. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) reports a 91 percent increase in anti-Muslim hate crimes during the first half of the year as compared to the same time period in 2016.


What now

Fight, rally, punch Nazis, support organizations that reflect open and anti-bigoted  beliefs- do what you can to stop this wave of misogyny and hate.

Don’t listen to anyone who says that you are disturbing the peace by protesting peacefully- they are probably racist, fascist, or just an asshole.

No one has the privilege of sitting quietly aside.

Silence is acceptance.

Inaction is acceptance.

Complacency is acceptance.

Acceptance has become unacceptable.

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